tooth whitening at tooth.

If you want to smile bright, then you've found the right place. Our tooth whitening at tooth in the heart of Waterloo offers great results at great prices. We use the World's No. 1 Professional Tooth Whitening System - Philip's Zoom. Why Zoom? Simple - reliability, speed and results. 

free tooth whitening consultation and shade check and professional whitening from just £299!

Our prices for tooth whitening are incredibly competitive - our At Home tooth whitening is currently on offer at only £299 and our In Surgery tooth whitening is on offer at only £399. Both of these are limited offers and include everything you need for a whiter smile. 

When choosing a whitening provider, it's important to understand the differences between brands and systems. The system we used can only be administered and sold by specially trained and certified dental professionals - you cannot have this done at beauty salons or buy in a chemist or online! We supply you with custom made moulds to fit your teeth - not just 'everyone's teeth'. 


At Home Tooth Whitening - just £299 (normally £399)

At Home Whitening - Overview and Instructions

As the name suggests, our At Home tooth whitening is a quick and easy way to professionally whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. Following your free 10 minute consultation and shade check, your dentist will take moulds (impressions) of your teeth - top and bottom (a simple process that takes just a few minutes) and we will make you custom moulded trays. We make these in house using our special vacuum former, so usually they will be ready to collect later on the same day or next day. We sell 'day' and 'night' kits - each offer the same results but we generally recommend night kits. For either, you simply apply gel to your trays using the syringes provided and place in your mouth - overnight for night kits, and for two 30 minute sessions per day for day kits. Then sit back and relax and repeat for a few days (don't worry, we'll give you full instructions). You can learn more on the video to the right. 

In Surgery Tooth Whitening - just £399 (normally £499)

In Surgery Whitening - A Step by Step Guide (please note - this is an American video. In the EU our kits deliver whitening up to 6 shades whiter)

Our In Surgery tooth whitening is for those that want great results with the minimal of fuss. Just like the process for take home, we'll book you for a free 10 minute consultation and shade check, then we'll book you for a 90 minute appointment which will include taking moulds (impressions). Following the appointment we'll make your custom trays in house. The process is quick, easy and painless - we apply special gel to your teeth and use our Zoom lamp to accelerate and activate the gel. We do this four times (beware of offers online or on discount sites where they do this only once or twice!) and each accelerator session takes 15 minutes. We'll leave you with two top up syringes and your custom moulded trays so you can top up your treatment at home. You can learn more on the video to the right which shows the process - but, it is American and they have a different strength - in the UK, and across the EU, our kits are weaker by law and give you up to six shades lighter, not eight, so it is just to give you an idea of the process!