dental implants at tooth.

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and bring your smile back to its former glory. At tooth we offer a range of implants to suit your needs, both cement or screw fixed implants, all at very competitive prices. We also offer multiple implants, bridges on implants, full arches (removable and non removable) and same day teeth.

With our experienced team, quality implant systems and competitive pricing, you’ll always be in safe hands when you choose implants at tooth

We know that choosing implants and an implant provider is a big decision and that's why at tooth we only use the best team and the best equipment for our implants.

There are many dental implant systems in the marketplace but only ever use reliable, long lasting and high quality systems with a track record of success. When comparing prices, be sure to compare like for like - we're proud to say that we never use cheap tooth implants or implant systems.

We'd always recommend you choose a dentist that has extensive study, research and practical experience in this field of dentistry. At tooth, we've got that covered.

Implants and implantologist at tooth dental surgery in Waterloo, London

about our dental implant surgeon.

Our Dental Implant Surgeon, Dr. Eleftherios Martinis (DDS, MSc Dental Impantology, AFHEA, DipDSed, MFDS RCSEd) is exactly that - he has extensive implant experience using a variety of implant systems and as the letters after his name suggest, has numerous Postgraduate qualifications and certificates in both implantology and oral surgery. As well as working in prestigious surgeries, including in Harley Street, he also works as a Specialty Doctor at Kings College Hospital.

Dr. Eleftherios is an active member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the Association of Dental Implantology in the UK.

As an Oral Surgeon, our Implantologist can also carry out a variety of treatments in preparation for your implants, such as bone grafting, extractions, sinus lifts, soft tissue grafting and socket preservation. Not every patient will need all, or maybe any, of these, but during your Implant Consultation at tooth all of the options and treatments will be discussed in depth.

the implant procedure.

It may sound scary getting an implant, but it is in fact a very standard and straight forward procedure. The following should be used as a guide only to give you an indication of the implant procedure based on a standard simple procedure for a single tooth implant. A full treatment plan will be drawn up specific to each patient's needs following the consultation. Prices listed are guide prices only and you will be required to pay a deposit in advance of the each appointment. Our complete implant prices start from just £1950 per tooth.

Consultation appointments with our Implant Surgeon are only £50 for 45 minutes, plus in most cases an additional £50 for an OPG (specialist x-ray) scan so we can see exactly what's going on in your mouth and ensure that we offer you the absolute best solution for your needs. If you then go ahead with your implant treatment, we'll even refund the full £50 consultation fee from your final bill. 

  • Appointment 1 - Consultation (£50 for 45 minutes - refundable if you proceed with implant treatment)
  • Appointment 2 - Implant placement (£950, approximately 90 minutes)
  • Appointment 3 - (two weeks after Apt. 2) Review and suture removal (no charge, 20 minutes)
  • Appointment 4 - (around three months after Apt. 3) Impressions (£300, 45 minutes)
  • Appointment 5 - (two weeks after Apt. 4) Crown fit (balance payable, 45 minutes)

After completion of treatment, patients should visit us again for a review after six months and then annually (or on our Implantologist's recommendations based on your individual needs).

You can find out more about Dr. Eleftherios here. Just click on Contact Us to book or just get in touch with any questions.