endodontics and root canal treatment at tooth.

All of our dentists offer endodontic treatments, also known as root canal treatment (or RCT). For more complex cases (such as re-endo/retreatment or extremely curved roots etc) we refer to our in house visiting Endodontist. Like everything at tooth, we only choose the best. Our Endodontist works solely on endodontic treatments and has a full MSc in Endodontics from UCL, London and we have a top of the range Global Dental Microscope. 

Endodontics focuses on advanced root canal treatments (for when the nerve in the tooth is infected) and our visiting Endodontist is highly experienced in this field making treatment both quick and effective.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced endodontist treatment then pop in or call us to find out more, and what's more, we also now accept endodontist referrals from other practices! See our Referral Zone for more information. It's easy to book with our Endodontist - appointments can be made for a consultation directly or via a referral from our dentists or your dentist. Consultation appointments with our Endodontist are only £60 for up to 45 minutes.


root canal treatments are second nature for our Dentists and our specialist interest Endodontist at tooth